1 in 10 children cannot read this website. They need your help!

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The problem we face

Illiteracy reaches farther than we think with the greatest impact felt by children from low income households and immigrant families with no native English speakers.

There are six million students in the California school system and 25% of those students do not possess perform basic reading skills. There is a direct correlation between illiteracy and income. Literacy has payoffs and is worth the investment.

Children who are unable to read, write and comprehend fall behind in school very early, causing them to lag behind their peers in progress and ultimately drop out.

Our Purpose

We strive to enrich children, enabling them to flourish and thrive. We see promise & possibilities and believe that each day represents a fresh opportunity to help another child.

By being mindful and committed to these ideals, we uphold our founder's dedication to people and their growth. We promote and create an environment where we can encourage children to be comfortable and push beyond their expectations.

#studentTeachers currently provides summer and after-school programs for young children to help them with basic reading and math skills.

Focus on struggling readers to improve key phonics and reading skills
Make learning fun and interactive
Help boost self-confidence and social interaction
Provide an environment for young adults to give back to their communities
Promote parental involvement in their children's literacy
Work with local schools to complement and enhance literacy efforts

How we do it

#studentTeachers is an organization run by young adults for elementary and middle school students. It is our way of helping you give back and make the world a better place for us all.

We believe that long term and consistent effort from both tutors and students leads to better performance. To achieve the greatest impact, our volunteers commit to supporting each child's literacy.

1 Every volunteer is paired with and will 'adopt' one elementary school student. We believe continuity and consistency provides for a good learning environment.
2 The volunteer will own the primary responsibility for their adoptee's literacy and overall growth.
3 The volunteer will work with the adoptee's parents to understand and tailor their efforts to the child's specific circumstance.
4 #studentTeachers works with the parents to communicate with the child's school and provide information required
#studentTeachers will strive to provide volunteers and students the ideal environment to help them achieve their goal

You can help

Helping alleviate illiteracy benefits everyone and all of us can contribute in our own way. #studentTeachers can help you give back. Let us know what you would like to do, and we will definitely try to facilitate your efforts. Not sure? Here is what we are constantly looking for:

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Thank you

#studentTeachers was started by Shreya, a high school student. As a member of the local City Youth Council, she volunteers homework help to under-priviledged children. Working with immigrant children, she saw them struggling with reading and math. Many children either lacked basic reading skills or were at least two years behind. Further research made her aware of the seriousness of the issue and she vowed to help in any which way she could. She started #studentTeachers to help these children and provide a platform for other young adults to give back to their communities.